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Selwyn Kids strives to have the best Educator for your child in homes where learning is nurtured and encouraged.


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About Our Home Based Care

Home based care is best for babies and toddlers. One caregiver, one home – more settled children, better sleep, better routines, less sickness and more flexible options for parents.

Home based care is the fastest growing childcare type in New Zealand. It is widely recognised overseas that to have early childhood education with one or two stable carers in a nurturing environment provides huge benefits to a child’s early development.

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Fun, flexible, stress free childcare in home

Children do best when they feel comfortable in their environment. Selwyn Kids strives to have the best Educator for your child in homes where learning is nurtured and encouraged with individual planning.

Children are taken on regular outings and playgroups linked to children’s individual learning goals. These assist learning about the world around us and normal daily life skills not always available to children in a daycare environment.

Why choose our home based care?

    Flexibility for your child and family

    Home Based Care offers excellent flexibility for the whole family. For children, care in a home setting, with one educator and a familiar, small group of friends, feels like an extension of their own house and day-to-day life.

    For parents, extended hours to suit work or ‘part day’ care is available from some educators. Plus, you’ll find your educator becomes part of the family – a trusted friend who may be able to offer extra hours, and other care support if needed.

    Quality early learning

    Our home based care educators are passionate about providing a loving and safe space for your child’s early learning.

    Home Based educators deliver a comprehensive program of early learning experiences as well as regular outings.

    Care in an environment that’s like home

    Flexibility, comforts of home, nurturing relationships… that’s what our Home Based Care is all about.

    Your child will thrive as secure attachments blossom between them, their dedicated educator and the small group of children they share their days with.