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We are proud to offer our personalised early childhood services to families and educators within the Selwyn District & Christchurch City.

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Selwyn Kids was established in 2008 to provide childcare services for families and whānau in the Selwyn District. Selwyn Kids is a unique business in that is based around the Pukeko philosophy when it comes to caring for its customers, children. The Pukeko philosophy is one of nurturing, whānau, community and to protect.

Our Pukeko Story

New Zealand’s most popular coloured bird is often chosen as a comical ornament for gardeners however the Pukeko was chosen by us for many reasons the most important being the way in which they bring up their young.

One nest is cared for by many female and adolescent birds. Baby chicks are fed and reared by not only their mothers but an entire brood. Pukeko will do anything to stand up for their young and protect the nest from hawks and other predators.

Pukeko feet are big, they have long toes that are excellent at walking over squishy, muddy ground. They may also use their clawed feet for fighting with Pukeko they don’t know or trust. They will use those big feet when feeding too, holding shoots and ripping them with that powerful beak.

Even though Pukeko have big feet they are still clumsy but in flight pukeko can fly long distances and are good swimmers, especially considering they don’t have webbed feet.

As a Pukeko grows and matures its colours become more intense, chicks are almost completely black, juveniles look as though they have soot on their backs and legs. As they mature they get orange to red bills and legs. The bill on a male is slightly larger than the female, however it is very difficult to notice any difference. You can hear the difference, the Male’s call is crow like.

Philosophy & Mission

Selwyn Kids reflects the diversity of New Zealand society and is open to all children and their families. Cultural diversity is celebrated for its ability to enhance and enrich the learning environment.

We are proud to offer our early childhood services to families and educators within the Selwyn District and beyond for the benefit of our greatest treaure’s – our children.

Who We Are

Selwyn Kids is owned by Rolleston locals, Rebecca and Kerry Adams, who share a passion for children and embraces all children as part of their whānau.

Rebecca is a registered early childhood teacher who has been active in early childhood education for over 20 years. Rebecca has experience from running preschools for a major early childhood corporate through to privately owned preschools. It is this experience that allows Selwyn Kids to deliver a wonderful and nurturing environment for its children. Rebecca is a mum to three children, Cameron, Keegan and Cushla who are all part of the Selwyn Kids whānau and programmes.

Kerry is a chartered accountant and the Director of Whutupōro Chartered Accountants, bringing considerable business experience and knowledge to Selwyn Kids. Kerry is responsible for the behind the scenes management of Selwyn Kids.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:

 To be recognised as being the leading provider of childcare services to families in the Selwyn District.

Our Mission:

Selwyn Kids will provide all children the opportunity to play, learn and the encouragement to develop in a safe environment. We will respect the individual and nurture the potential of all children.

Our Values:


Children, parents and teachers have an equal partnership in education.


All members of the Selwyn Kids business will conduct themselves in a manner which is respectful, friendly, culturally aware and confidential in all matters.


Providing positive experiences and opportunities for children to develop and learn.


To be willing to change and learn new ideas for the benefit of children and ourselves.


We value health, safety and happiness of our children, our families and each other.


Each child is valued as unique and precious individuals, each with his or her own strengths.